The goal of the US Blind Hockey team is to help expand the sport of blind hockey around the world to create international competition opportunities. Thus far the program has grown to include United States, Canada, and many parts of Europe. Your support will give these blind hockey athletes the opportunity to participate and compete in these events. All donations will go directly to the team to help with player’s transportation, equipment, custom blind hockey pucks, and all other costs associated with a travel hockey program.

While it has been an interesting year, the team has not stopped preparing for applying for inclusion in the 2026 Paralympic Games in Italy. We are looking for any financial support or sponsorship to help with travel expense for the team to train all together. We cherish that our team has players that come from all over the United States, but it has been a financial challenge to bring everyone together in one location for practices.

Your financial support can make this happen for the United States Blind Hockey Team and help them be ready for 2026 – thank you!

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